Eureka Lemon Trees- 12 Pack

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12 Pack Box includes: 12-18 month old trees in 4"x9"x9" liners/ 12"-18" tall

  • California's classic commercial lemon is the Eureka Lemon.

  • The Eureka Lemon tree is a vigorous grower, but you can prune the tree to keep it compact. 

  • This lemon variety has its heaviest fruit crop from fall into winter, and also grows some fruit year-round.

  • The Eureka lemon tree is easy to espalier and has fewer thorns than other traditional lemon trees.

  • The Eureka has tart juice and a flavorful, zesty peel.

  • Self-fertile

  • Grown from cuttings

  • Height at maturity: 10'-15' in the ground/ 6'-8' in pots

  • Best for Zones 8-11/ Protect below 32 F

  • For Zones 4-7, you can grow this tree in a pot and bring it indoors for the winter.

  • By law, we cannot ship citrus trees to Alabama, Texas, Arizona, or Florida.

We do not ship any items to the US Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico or to API/APO addresses, or to other countries at this time.

Get in the know about HLB(Huanglongbing / Citrus Greening Disease) and help save your community's citrus. Only source citrus trees from reputable growers.

12 Pack box includes 12 Eureka Lemon Trees.