Arbequina Olive Trees- 12 Pack

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12 Pack Box includes: 12-18 month old trees in 4"x9"x9" liners/ 12"-18" tall


  • Our Best Selling Olive Tree!
  • Arbequina Olive trees produce rich, buttery fruit- perfect for both home and artisan oil makers alike. 
  • Olive variety from Catalonia Spain.
  • The highly aromatic fruit begins green and ripens into a brown bushed or fully brown color.
  • Expect high yields of mild oil and heavy productivity.
  • Height at maturity: 15'-20' in the ground, but can be kept smaller with pruning or if kept in containers
  • Very compact tree, good for intensive planting and small spaces. 
  • Arbequina Olives are self-fruitful and do not require pollination but having another variety nearby will increase yield.
  • Pollinator: Koroneiki
  • Hardy to 12 F
  • Best for Zones 8-10
  • For Zones 4-7, you can grow this tree in a pot and bring it indoors for the winter


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12 Pack Box includes: 12 Arbequina Olive Trees